Sunday, July 29, 2007

First Generation cyberdivalive creations on sale @ SL locations

At the Blue Fusion, Desi Beatz and Nirma locations - all first generation cyberdivalive creations by rad Zabibha are on sale.

Price range is between L$ 1 and L$ 30.

This first generation is unique - flaws in creation and all - and will have SL/RL cultural value as rad develops and expands her business connections and designing skills.

Come one come all and get these items which are likely to become vintage items soon (sold at higher prices as the value of her items will come from them being "vintaged" and rare) as rad develops a new line of saris and skirts and duppattas and scarves and kurtas and veils - even jewelry. Look for the new line in late Fall 2007.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Putting some of my saris in Oryx Temple's International House of Style

And good news!

I will be placing three saris - 10 of each item - at the International House of Style with Oryx.

She takes a percentage of the sales for keeping the items on display there and we each donate 20 % each to Heifer's.

Of course all the money I make selling any of the items I design goes to DAMA marketing efforts as I've mentioned before.

Any overheads involved in making the apparel and in renting stores etc are covered by me.

more items sold in both Blue Fusion stall and at the Desi Beatz stall

Meanwhile, since July 15th - cyberdivalive creations has sold a few more pallus and sari outfits. Cyclone bought a skirt. I need to rework some of the pallus for scarf like or shawl-like wear.

A couple people are going to help me with my posters so that they look better.

Recruited MI Writer to make men's clothes from DA textures

I met MI Writer the other day. A large man with dreadlocks. We tried out a vegetable dye shirt/kurta on him. Looked great!

I asked him if he would join me in making clothes from Dastkar Andhra textures. He said he would try. We created a shirt/kurta with the vegetable dye print texture and I gifted it to Aiji Ducatillon who was having a difficult time wearing the sari I had gifted him earlier on...

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Items sold since July 1, 2007

pink mangalagiri sari outfit
Green and yellow sari outfit
Nagaland Sari outfit
pink bordered kanjeevaram saree outfit

In the next month - I will be adding boxes of textures (from DAMA material) and quilts for sale at my SL stores as well.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Doing Sari Textures on Second life

I also have a stall at Nirma Designs and at Creek side Shopping center - check out slurls on the side.